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Deep and Dark and Dangerous (A Ghost Story)

Deep and Dark and Dangerous A Ghost Story Just before summer begins year old Ali finds an odd photograph in the attic She knows the two children in it are her mother Claire and her aunt Dulcie But who s the third person the one who s b

  • Title: Deep and Dark and Dangerous (A Ghost Story)
  • Author: Mary Downing Hahn
  • ISBN: 9780618665457
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Just before summer begins, 13 year old Ali finds an odd photograph in the attic She knows the two children in it are her mother, Claire, and her aunt Dulcie But who s the third person, the one who s been torn out of the picture Ali figures she ll find out while she s vacationing in Maine with Dulcie and her four year old daughter, Emma, in the house where Ali s mother sJust before summer begins, 13 year old Ali finds an odd photograph in the attic She knows the two children in it are her mother, Claire, and her aunt Dulcie But who s the third person, the one who s been torn out of the picture Ali figures she ll find out while she s vacationing in Maine with Dulcie and her four year old daughter, Emma, in the house where Ali s mother s family used to spend summers All hopes for relaxation are quashed shortly after their arrival, though, when the girls meet Sissy, a kid who s mean and spiteful and a bad influence on Emma.Strangest of all, Sissy keeps talking about a girl named Teresa who drowned under mysterious circumstances back when Claire and Dulcie were kids, and whose body was never found At first Ali thinks Sissy s just trying to scare her with a ghost story, but soon she discovers the real reason why Sissy is so angry Mary Downing Hahn is at her chilling best in this new supernatural tale that s certain to send shivers down her readers spines.

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      189 Mary Downing Hahn
    Deep and Dark and Dangerous (A Ghost Story)

    About Author

    1. Mary Downing Hahn says:
      I grew up in a small shingled house down at the end of Guilford Road in College Park, Maryland Our block was loaded with kids my age We spent hours outdoors playing Kick the Can and Mother, May I as well as cowboy and outlaw games that usually ended in quarrels about who shot whom In the summer, we went on day long expeditions into forbidden territory the woods on the other side of the train tracks, the creek that wound its way through College Park, and the experimental farm run by the University of Maryland.In elementary school, I was known as the class artist I loved to read and draw but I hated writing reports Requirements such as outlines, perfect penmanship, and following directions killed my interest in putting words on paper All those facts who cared what the principal products of Chile were To me, writing reports was almost as boring as math Despite my dislike of writing, I loved to make up stories Instead of telling them in words, I told them in pictures My stories were usually about orphans who ran away and had the sort of exciting adventures I would have enjoyed if my mother hadn t always interfered.When I was in junior high school, I developed an interest in complex stories I wanted to show how people felt, what they thought, what they said For this, I needed words Although I wasn t sure I was smart enough, I decided to write and illustrate children s books when I grew up Consequently, at the age of thirteen, I began my first book Small Town Life was about a girl named Susan, as tall and skinny and freckle faced as I was Unlike her shy, self conscious creator, however, Susan was a leader who lived the life I wanted to live my ideal self, in other words Although I never finished Small Town Life, it marked the start of a lifelong interest in writing.In high school, I kept a diary In college, I wrote poetry and short stories and dreamed of being published in The New Yorker Unfortunately, I didn t have the courage or the confidence to send anything there By the time my first novel was published, I was 41 years old That s how long it took me to get serious about writing The Sara Summer took me a year to write, another year to find a publisher, and yet another year of revisions before Clarion accepted it.Since Sara appeared in 1979, I ve written an average of one book a year If I have a plot firmly in mind when I begin, the writing goes fairly quickly More typically, I start with a character or a situation and only a vague idea of what s going to happen Therefore, I spend a lot of time revising and thinking things out If I d paid attention to the craft of outlining back in elementary school, I might be a faster writer, but, on the other hand, if I knew everything that was going to happen in a story, I might be too bored to write it down Writing is a journey of discovery That s what makes it so exciting.

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    1. Melanie (TBR and Beyond) says:
      The lake s deepd darkd dangerous You can find this review and all of my other reviews at Novel Descent Thanks for the support I originally rated this three stars but after rowing it over in my mind I had to drop this one down to one star There was some very problematic issues with the characters and there was one sentence in the book that made my mouth drop, due to racism Deep and Dark and Dangerous is about a young girl who is 13 who goes to stay with her aunt and her little cousin for the summ [...]

    2. Nidhi says:
      This book is very good it is like a mystery and a ghost story if you want to read it CHECK IT OUT

    3. Kaitlyn says:
      Deep and Dark and DangerousBy Mary Downing HahnReview By Kaitlyn Have you ever read something that was so deep and dark and dangerous, as this book, Deep and Dark and Dangerous Author Mary Downing Hahn wrote this spectacular, wonderful, amazing ghost adventure Some important character is this story is Dulcie Ali Sissy Emma Mom Ali discovers an old, old photo of three little girls sitting on a bench Ali knows one is her Aunt Dulcie and the other is her mom, but she is puzzled by the third girl si [...]

    4. Jennifer says:
      It is creepy But a great book about friendship and is very mystrious.

    5. Lauren Fidler says:
      blech, here is this book in a nutshell claire no, you can t go to the beach house it s bad water is bad everything is bad ouch my head hurts ali mom, you re, like, soooo over protective pete ali, you can go dulcie ali, you will serve as my 13yr old au pair all summer in return, you will have all your emotional needs ignored and i will have all the time in the world to paint creepy pictures of the lake in my studio.emma i m lonely sissy i m cold and lonely and dead come play with me forever, and [...]

    6. Angie says:
      So Far, I ve Read That A Girl Name Ali Was looking Through Her Dead Grandmas Stuff, And Found A Book To Read, She Was Flipping Through the Book And Found A Picture That Was Torn She Saw That Her Mom Claire And Her Aunt Dulcie She Saw A Arm Lying On Her Aunt Dulcie s Shoulder, And Wondered Who It Was She Looked On the Back To Find Names, She Saw Her Mom s Name, Claire, Her Aunt s Name, Dulcie, And She Saw A Letter T Like The Rest Of The Body Was Torn, The Name Was To She Asks Her Mom Who It Is, B [...]

    7. Tina says:
      This book was a wonderful story There was so much that you could get from it There was happiness, horror, and laughter all mixed in Also some sadness The creepiness of the story brought among the main suspense of the story along with the mystery of the new characters and new conflicts During some times i felt like popping into the book and dealing with the situations myself since i felt they were not strongly dealt with although that was probably the author s point to make sure the story continu [...]

    8. Jackie "the Librarian" says:
      Ali is invited to spend the summer at the family s old cottage up in Maine, watching her four year old niece Emma for her aunt Dulcie But Ali s mom is dead against it, saying the lake is too dangerous, and that it s a dark and rainy place to have a miserable summer She refuses to talk about her own childhood there, or who the third girl in the old photo Ali finds of her mom and Dulcie as kids at the lake But Dulcie and Ali wear her down, and Ali goes off to Maine, where she finds her mother was [...]

    9. Ari says:
      This story was alright And the moment that Sissy came into the picture, I had already figured everything out, but I read the rest of the story becausewhy not.There was enough tension and darkness to make the book not be a waste of time I wouldn t say that it was creepy, precisely, but I suppose that it had its threatening moments such as the time when Sissy takes them on the canoe, or Ali comes across the memorial.Emma was the best thing in the story, and sometimes proved to be even intelligent [...]

    10. Sammy says:
      I truly loved and enjoyed this book if you are looking for a great book READ THIS

    11. Natalie says:
      This book, Deep and Dark and Dangerous is about a girl named Ali who finds an old photograph of three kids one is her mom the other is her aunt Dulcie but the third person is torn from the picture Ali has about 2 months to figure out who the third person is because she is spending that time in a beach house her mom and aunt used to stay in when they were kids Ali wanted to go to the beach with her aunt because she wanted to babysit her little cousin and she wanted to find out who the third perso [...]

    12. Andrea Vazquez says:
      Deep and Dark and Dangerous is fiction and mystery is a really good book and the story takes place in Main The main character Ali is a young girl who lives her mom and dad but her mom has so issues she gets upset about everything and she gets this migraines and she is always locked up in her room when she has the migraines her dad is very nice and he is a hardworking man who loves ali very much One day when Ali was looking around in the attic she finds this old picture and she recognizes her mom [...]

    13. Margaux Collier says:
      Deep and Dark and Dangerous, written by Mary Downing Hahn, is set in Dull Cottage in a village The story is about a gril named Ali who while looking through books in the attic finds a torn photograph of her aunt, Dulcie and her mother There is a personn standing next to her mum but that part has been torn off At the back is written Dulcie, her mum s name and a T Ali goes to Dull Cottage with her cousin Emma and her aunt Dulcie There she meets Sissy sho is mean and spiteful and is determined to r [...]

    14. Stacie N says:
      That lake is deep and dark and dangerous Suspenseful and eerie, Deep and Dark and Dangerous will surely leave you on edge.Thirteen year old Ali finds an old photo of her mother, Claire, and Aunt Dulcie at Gull Cottage, their lake housebut there s another girl in the photo that was ripped out, merely left with the letter T Dulcie and Claire act like there never was a T , but Ali knows something s up, so when overprotective Claire finally allows Ali to go to Gull Cottage with Dulcie and Emma, Clai [...]

    15. Eugene says:
      A surprisingly disappointing entry from a normally reliable author It seems a rewrite of a her wonderful Wait Till Helen Comes, with many of the same tropes But the protagonist is paper thin, nothing much to her to appeal, and the story relies on the Stupidity Plot Drive A story that is advanced only by the hero s incapacity to think of the obvious solution is painful It s one thing when a thirteen year old girl lets herself be putty in a malicious eleven year old s hands Such things happen, but [...]

    16. Bridgette Ramsey says:
      A picture from the past will get you wondering If you did not know the people in it you would ask yourself, who are these people You would also ask What are they doing You may also ask Where are they at Photographs get you thinking and wondering That is exactly what happened to Ali in the story Deep and Dark and Dangerous Mary Downing Hahn s Deep and Dark and Dangerous amazed me with its eerie style and suspenseful story.The theme of the book is friendship and the truth It teaches you that you c [...]

    17. Jiayun Chen says:
      This book, I founded on the store bookshelf, I was on sale and it was a horror story, thus I brought it Ali, a girl who had a huge curiosity of figuring out the secret behind the ripped photo This was a secret her mother and aunt both hold, they were taking a photo with this other girl T Determined to know Ali risk her life by going to this place where her mother and her aunt used to visit when they are kids Two months was all she had, to figure out the third person in the photo Before she reali [...]

    18. Samantha O says:
      I just finished reading this fabulous book Out of a one through a ten, I would definetly give it a ten It s about a girl named Ali, she finds a book in the attic and a picture falls out The picture is torn and she realized that thiat is her mom and her aunt, but there is someone else she cant make out beacuse that piece is torn off She turns the picture around and it says her moms name and her aunts name, and the torn part just says T She know there was someone else there with them so when she a [...]

    19. Emily says:
      Emily ShepardHorrorThirteen year old Ali wants so badly to go to Maine for the summer But her mother wanted her to be as far away from her families cottage in Maine as she possibly could With lots of pleading from Alis young cousin, Emma, and her Aunt Dulcie her mother reluctantly agreed Ali was looking forward to spending the summer away from home and working for her aunt as Emma s babysitter When they arrive everything was just as Aunt Dulcie had remembered, except for the name Teresa They fin [...]

    20. Jim says:
      Deep and Dark and Dangerous A Ghost Story, by author Mary Downing Hahn, is a supernatural thriller that you may not want to read while you re alone because if you do you ll probably just fall asleep Ali and Emma are two young cousins who are going to spend the summer together in their moms old cabin in the mountains of Maine Emma s mother, Dulcie, is the sister of Ali s mother, Claire Dulcie is an artist who s seeking solitude from big city life so she can concentrate on her paintings She figure [...]

    21. Lauren says:
      Deep Dark and Dangerous by Mary Downing Hahn is an excellent book if you re interested in paranormal books It all started when the main character Ali was looking through her mom s old photographs She finds a photo of her mother and siblings but then notices, there is someone ripped out of the photo When Ali asks her mom, her mom acts as if she doesn t know what she s talking about That summer Ali goes to the lake to spend the summer with her aunt and her cousin This is the same lake her mom and [...]

    22. Crissy says:
      I choose to read this book because the cover had a interesting picture on the front and it looked misterious and full of mysteries This book is fiction It takes place at a lake house The main character is Ali she is thirteen and she is curious and likes to read and misterious Ali goes to her mom her sisters lake house that went to all the time when they were kids to watch over Dulcies daughter Emma and Emma starts having these dreams that she see bones at the bottom of the lake Then they meet si [...]

    23. Vision capone paul says:
      the book is very spooky it makes you want to keep reading just from the first chapter you never know when the girls comes back , theres alot of questions such as to where the little girl lives and where she is from the cut out pictuere in the begining makes you vthink where did the little girl go in the piture and what is those two letters on the back i enjoyed it very well alot of stuf in the book captured my attention such the missing person in the picture and the lake of course i would be abl [...]

    24. Diane says:
      I chose this book because it looked like I would like it I think the book fiction It took place at a cottage and by a lake The main character is Ali she is about the age 13 She helps her aunt out by baby sitting her niece Her mom and she are different but when her mom was about her age she used to be the same as Ali Ali met sissy and does not like her because she thinks she s a bad influence on Emma Since sissy came around Ali and Emma have not been that close The plot summary is that Ali tried [...]

    25. Chloe O'neal says:
      Ali a thirteen year old girl went to stay with her aunt, Dulcie and cousin Emma Emma is a very sweet girl until she met her first friend named Sissy, who is really mean and not exactly living The house in the lake they are staying at is the same as Dulcie and Ali s mom, Claire Claire is really depressed and scared of water While Ali was looking through the house at the lake she foun pictures with a person tore out of it but part of the name was still there, a T She found board games with name sc [...]

    26. Lauren Vallee says:
      This book is very good, one of my new favorites It s not a very long read, but the amount of intriguing detail makes up for its length The main character Alison is really curious and smart, which helps her figure out exactly what she needs to know about a mystery trouble maker she runs into at her favorite cabin in the Maine woods The best part of this book, in my opinion, is the huge plot twist I like it because it is in the middle of the plot, and is explained very well up until the end of the [...]

    27. Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~ says:
      This was fantastic Very suspenseful and captivating Great story line and excellent writing.

    28. Jodi Meadows says:
      Twelve year old Jodi would have LOVED this book.

    29. Swati Daftuar says:
      Oh the joy of discovering new authors to love.

    30. Elie says:
      Few things frustrate me than the false promise of a good ghost story In fact, I usually stay away from YA ghost stories because they re often terrible After hearing rave reviews from some critical 6th grade readers, I decided to giveDeep and Dark and Dangerousa chance Plus, look at the rating on It started off well enough As Ali and co arrived at the cabin on the lake, I kept picturing it as the ocean side cabin I used to stay at over summer and spring breaks with my best friend and her mom I s [...]

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