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A Place Called Here

A Place Called Here Als Sandy Shortt zehn Jahre alt ist verschwindet ein M dchen aus ihrer Klasse Seit dieser Zeit sucht sie leidenschaftlich nach allem was vermisst wird nach Socken Schl sseln und sp ter auch nach Me

  • Title: A Place Called Here
  • Author: Cecelia Ahern
  • ISBN: 9780007198917
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • Als Sandy Shortt zehn Jahre alt ist, verschwindet ein M dchen aus ihrer Klasse Seit dieser Zeit sucht sie leidenschaftlich nach allem, was vermisst wird nach Socken, Schl sseln und sp ter auch nach Menschen In ihrer Suchagentur macht sie Angeh rigen Mut, denn sie gibt niemals auf Doch als Sandy den Auftrag bekommt, den Bruder von Jack Ruttle wiederzufinden, verirrt sieAls Sandy Shortt zehn Jahre alt ist, verschwindet ein M dchen aus ihrer Klasse Seit dieser Zeit sucht sie leidenschaftlich nach allem, was vermisst wird nach Socken, Schl sseln und sp ter auch nach Menschen In ihrer Suchagentur macht sie Angeh rigen Mut, denn sie gibt niemals auf Doch als Sandy den Auftrag bekommt, den Bruder von Jack Ruttle wiederzufinden, verirrt sie sich im Wald und verschwindet selbst an einen geheimnisvollen Ort, den alle nur Hier nennen Fantasievoll, spannend und tief ber hrend macht sich Cecelia Aherns Roman auf die Suche nach dem Leben, der Liebe und uns selbst.

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      486 Cecelia Ahern

    About Author

    1. Cecelia Ahern says:
      Cecelia Ahern was born and grew up in Dublin She is now published in nearly fifty countries, and has sold over twenty five million copies of her novels worldwide Two of her books have been adapted as films and she has created several TV series.

    Comment 453 on “A Place Called Here

    1. Runa says:
      I regret to say that I received this book two years ago and just now managed to actually read it It was my first ARC and I put it aside and it sat at the very bottom of my TBR pile for the longest time Until this time of year, when I ve been trying desperately to get everything out of that box and I finally decided to give this seemingly thick, impossible to get through book a shot Boy, do I hate myself for waiting so long to read such a literary work of genius Remember in your school days, when [...]

    2. Aoibhínn says:
      This novel had the potential to be so much , but I was left frustrated and disappointed with the ending of the book I think Ahern could have made her ending much powerful, instead it is left fairly ambiguous with a conclusion hanging in midair The idea of a place where all missing objects and people go intrigued me, but at times I was left laughing at the naive idea of all these missing people, from all over the world, speaking different languages, living together in peace and harmony, in a sel [...]

    3. Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum says:
      H Cecelia Ahern , , , , , ,

    4. Aisyah(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ says:
      I read this years ago, it was actually my first Cecelia Ahern novel That should have been a big warning for me about how pointless her book can be sometimes, this one included I remember it was about random things that just kept disappearing It was boring, not a lot of action going on Kinda like a sock missing in the washing machine Ooo mysterious.

    5. Lee says:
      Light enough that it didn t require deep thought, interesting enough to keep me turning pages, yet not so gripping that I couldn t put it down when I needed to sleep.The story is about Sandy Shortt, who is something of a misfit She is extremely tall, for one thing, in sharp contrast to her surname She is also very logical and organized, and has a compulsion to search for missing things and people It all started when her neighbor Jenny May vanishes when they are both ten years old.By the time the [...]

    6. Chloe says:
      I don t remember when I read this book I just remember the impression it left on me It s really magical, different, fascinating, I can say that I love it and I will leave a better review whenever I reread it.

    7. The Writer says:
      Where do all things go when they disappear Cecelia Ahern has the answer for that through this book The Irish chick lit author who previously wrote the international success PS I love you tried to charm her readers again with her fourth book Funnily, this book has several different titles in English for example There s no place like here and A place called here Anyway, the Danish title that I wrote above translates to A place nearby I must admit that Ms Ahern has a powerful imagination when she w [...]

    8. Krit says:
      After hearing an interview with Cecilia Ahern on a radio book show, I was interested to read her work It s not the kind of book I would ordinarily go for, but as she s such a successful author, I was curious to see what her stories were like The concept was interesting and at times the story was moving Losing parts of ourselves and our need to find them and bring them home to our heart, to feel whole again, is what this story is about, in a nutshell It was a neat fit in keeping with the theme of [...]

    9. Anh says:
      Xin th nh th t c m n ch nh t i v v c ng v c ng v v c ng ki n nh n c h t h n 500 trang c a cu n s ch n y vM u kh ng n t ng, t i t n ch ng 8 v n ch a bi t t c gi c m c ch g ko khi x y d ng 1 nh n v t ch nh t m l b t n v t nh c ch th nh t nh o, d h i B t u th y n n r i m v n r ng c, t i t i ko c th i quen b ngang m t th g .Hi v ng mong manh truy n s nh t h n xu t hi n ch ng 15 55 v hi v ng ch nh th c b d p t t ch ng 26 55 cho n t n cu i s ch lu n N i chung l h nh nh do c i b ng c a P S I Love You q [...]

    10. Naban (hiatus) says:
      Interesting premise, about where missing objects go The whole thing had lots of potential, but I got so bored halfway through I finally snapped and decided I didn t really care about Sandy s missing sock or Sandy herself, who goes missing oh the irony and began skim reading The concept itself that these missing things and people go somewhere where cultures and such coexist and people live in harmony and lost food pops up just like that to fill all bellies was SO ridiculous Sounds like Children [...]

    11. Farah says:
      Cecelia Ahern Gue pikir dulu namanya ditulis seperti ini Cecilia Ahern Ya, yang biasanya emang gitu kan Cecilia Dan penulisan nama Cecilia tadi membuat gue yakin, WOW Cecilia Ahern ini beneran orang Barat loh bow Desse kan orang terkenal di Ireland bukan ya Tapi begitu gue amati lagi, ternyata namanya ditulis seperti ini CECELIA.Yang akhirnya membuat gue berpikir dan menginvestigasi siap siap pasang suara Feni Rose , apakah Cecelia Ahern sesungguhnya berasal dari Jawa Barat JENGJENG Kami akan me [...]

    12. Laura says:
      This book is quite odd There s a lot of repition thus far about Sandy searching for things Just Really Nailing That Down Ok, I agree with other reviews that this ending was totally cheesed out I would have only give it 1 star if it hadn t been for the photo she ended up bringing back with her But even then, I think the ending could have been done very differently It also managed to get 3 stars out of me because the concept was cool The idea that things really can be missing, not just misplaced.

    13. Sam says:
      I bought this book in 2007, I started reading it immediatly But I never liked it enough to keep reading I decided on reading it again last month and I feel like it took me ages to read I really liked the concept of someone who hates it when things go missing Who starts a missing persons agency and then goes missing herself to end up on the place where the missing things and persons go I was very excited to read this book from Cecilia as I loved ps i love you But the beginning really bored me I f [...]

    14. Prisca says:
      I couldn t finish it.The premise is promising, about certain place containing missing people and missing things But I just couldn t get it I couldn t care the least towards the characters Okay, they re missing someone, so Okay, they re in the middle of nowhere and waiting to be found, so I think this would be a very great book if the characters were multi dimensional and had someI don t know, uniqueness I don t even like the character s name, Sandy Shortt Okay, that s trivial _ I just can t rela [...]

    15. beloved books by Tine says:
      3,5nicht so gut, wie ihre sonstigen B cher

    16. Cintya Larasinta says:
      Aaahhh Aku suka bgt kisah Sandy shortt Gila Tdk kupercaya aku sgt menyukai cerita bahkan aku sgt menikmati membacanya, jd pgn lagi membaca buku Cecelia AhernSandy Shortt begitu terobsesi dengan menemukan sesuatu hal hal yang hilang, karena saingan masa kecilnya, Jenny Mei Butler telah hilang Setelah bekerja untuk Garda, kepolisian Republik Irlandia, dia meninggalkan pekerjaannya untuk memulai agen mencari orang hilang.Suatu hari, seorang pria bernama Jack Ruttle meminta Sandy untuk bantuan menca [...]

    17. EJay says:
      Ahern has mastered a technique to lead people down memory lane There s No Place Like Here speaks of things that just grow feet, wander off, cross the periphery, and never return for good Here is where my small, blue, fragile toy kangaroo has now found shelter in, where those pens I ve previously thought just went inside somewhere deep in my pants pockets have probably nested about, where that Pokemon book I was dying to read when I was eleven had got teleported to, and where my white Converse sh [...]

    18. Lisa Reyes says:
      I actually stopped reading this book half way through something I RARELY do I don t know if it is because I m not feeling well, or the book itself, but I just couldn t read any I skipped to the final pages, and lo and behold the ending was just what I thought it would be, so I figured why read another 150 pages.

    19. Rosie says:
      J li h uns anos e do que me recordo que foi um desapontamento, o tema era curioso, mas quanto a mim algo falhou Considerei o desinteressante.

    20. Vivone Os says:
      Knjigu sam dobila uz kupljenu Frank kavu Uzela sam ju jer je imala zanimljivu omotnicu i jer, Bo e moj ne treba nikad odbiti besplatnu knjigu kad ve svakako kupujem tu kavu Ali ne mogu re i ni da mi se ba svidjela ni da je ostavila neki super dojam na mene Svi hvale Cecu, al meni se pro itav i zasad dvije njene knjige ne ini kao neka posebno dobra autorica.

    21. Sharon says:
      Sandy Shortt is an ex Garda from Leitrim She now runs a missing persons agency she has been obsessed with finding missing things since a classmate went missing aged 10 Sandy has devoted her life to finding things and people, but when Sandy herself goes missing, who will find her I try to dial my cynicism down a notch when I read Cecelia s books I go to them when I ve had a couple of heavy reads and want something light But this was not enjoyable I had the American version, called There s No Plac [...]

    22. Jenny Ocana says:
      Things go missing all the time Even we feel lost most of the time We re all just trying to navigate our way through life the best way we can, but truth is though we seldom admit it, we become lost.In There s No Place Like Here we see an imaginative world where all missing things go It felt like nowhere but really was somewhere It was simply called Here We see the protagonist journeying her way through this world to truly find herself, while helping a few unlikely people on the way.Reading it was [...]

    23. Chelsea Barva-kertesz says:
      This book is really hard to get into, but if you do make it through the whole book, the ending is good I finished this book with a good feeling, and the last 75 100 pages were actually really great Although this is my least favorite Cecelia Ahern book, she has a knack for writing I love her style of writing, and her ability to make magic and fairy tales come to life for adults.This book is about a place called Here, where all missing things and people end up Sandy Shortt is a 34 year old woman w [...]

    24. Cindy says:
      Vlot en heel graag gelezen Origineel uitgangspunt met spannende en emotionele momenten Niet alle personages zijn even goed uitgewerkt en het einde wordt plots heel snel afgehandeld, jammer, ik had gerust nog wat langer op de plek van de verloren dingen willen toeven Aanrader voor iedereen die van wat magie houdt Niet voor rationalisten

    25. Magpie67 says:
      How would a childhood tragedy affect your growing years For Sandy Short she became OCD with losing items after a classmate at the age of ten disappears Things that go missing worry Sandy and her parents are beside themselves with her constant need to find what is missing Sandy is hooked up with a counselor at school but her need to find never stops and thus her job as a police officer in the missing person department fits her well Of course, there are a handful of individuals she never finds and [...]

    26. Rajshree says:
      i agree you cannot be into a story unless you believe in author s imagination, and this is not the first time i came across this soft magical touch Cecilia ahern grazes her novels with, the book of tomorrow, thanks for the memories, the time of my life this one according to me when it comes to adding this magical touch is weakest of her work Here, where lost thing go i just cannot digest it, may be to me it was plain irritating it was illogical, and hardly made sense to me it is high time i acce [...]

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