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It Had to Be You

It Had to Be You What if a woman who knows nothing about sports inherits a professional football team The Windy City definitely isn t ready for Phoebe Somerville the outrageous York knockout who s taking over their h

  • Title: It Had to Be You
  • Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780380776832
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • What if a woman who knows nothing about sports inherits a professional football team The Windy City definitely isn t ready for Phoebe Somerville, the outrageous York knockout who s taking over their home town team And Phoebe is definitely not prepared for the Stars head coach Dan Calebow, a sexist jock taskmaster with a one track mind This is the book that began it allWhat if a woman who knows nothing about sports inherits a professional football team The Windy City definitely isn t ready for Phoebe Somerville, the outrageous York knockout who s taking over their home town team And Phoebe is definitely not prepared for the Stars head coach Dan Calebow, a sexist jock taskmaster with a one track mind This is the book that began it all The Chicago Stars are about to take the field and they re not the only ones playing for keeps.

    Aug , No one on Youtube that I know of at least had this version of Had to be you so I thought I d make a VERY simple and quick video P I don t own Frank Si Synonyms for had to include had got to, musted, needed, ought, wanted, got to, needed to, had no choice but to, wanted to and had a duty to Find similar words at wordhippo By Ginger Rogers and Cornel Wilde in the film It Had to Be You In the film Mr Skeffington, by Danny Thomas In the film I ll See You in My Dreams based loosely upon the lives of Gus Kahn and his wife Grace LeBoy Kahn Joanne Dru sang a portion of it have to, has to in the Simple Present Pronouns Affirmative sentences Negative sentences Questions I, we, you, they I have to get up early I do not have to get up early Do I have to get up early It had to be you For nobody else gave me a thrill With all your faults, I love you still It had to be you, wonderful you It had to be you More on Genius It Had To Be You Track Info. Tony Bennett Lyrics Play It Had To Be You on Music Unlimited ad It Had To Be You feat Carrie Underwood It seems like dreams like I ve always had Could be, should be, makin me glad. The very best book by this author, according to her It Had to Be You is a years old romance from Already with ratings from than . readers on is this SEP s most popular book her Written April , . It Had to Be You The Great American Songbook is the first album of American pop standards recorded by British musician Rod Stewart It was released on October , and became the first in a five volume series The album was Stewart s first release for Sony Music imprint J Records. have had it To be frustrated to the point of exasperation with someone or something In this usage, the phrase can be followed with up to here as an intensifier.

    • [PDF] Read ✓ It Had to Be You : by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
      328 Susan Elizabeth Phillips

    About Author

    1. Susan Elizabeth Phillips says:
      SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPSSusan Elizabeth Phillips is an international bestseller whose books have been published in over 30 languages She s the only four time recipient of the Romance Writers of America s prestigious Favorite Book of the Year Award, and a recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award Among her other accomplishments, Susan created the sports romance.Susan s newest book, FIRST STAR I SEE TONIGHT, is book 8 in the highly acclaimed CHICAGO STARS SERIES The mass market paperback of FIRST STAR I SEE TONIGHT will be available June 27, 2017 In addition to being a New York Times, Publisher s Weekly, and USA Today bestseller, she is a hiker, lazy gardener, horrible singer, passable cook, passionate reader, wife, mother of two grown sons, and grandmother You can visit Susan on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on her website.facebook SusanElizabeitter sepauthorinstagram SEPauthor susanelizabethphillips

    Comment 215 on “It Had to Be You

    1. Julie says:
      Warning This review deals with the book s content, which could be potentially triggering.This is another one of those books that s regarded as a classic romance and it s another classic that I didn t like at all It Had to Be You sounded like it had a promising set up a socialite s father dies, leaving her the football team he owned She knows nothing about football but works hard at the job of team owner while falling for the Stars coach I ve read books six and seven in the Chicago Stars series M [...]

    2. ◆ Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$ ◆ says:
      One word BLISS QUICK REVIEW Enjoyment 5 5Writing style 5 5Storyline 5 5Hero 4 5Heroine 5 5Secondary characters 5 5 Hotness chemistry 4 5 Romance 4 5 Angst 3 5Darkness level 2 5Humor 4 5 Depth of the book 5 5POV multiple, 3rd person Triggers view spoiler rape hide spoiler Books with a similar theme Hard to say Just like KA, this author is in a league of her own br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br

    3. Ana says:
      I ll make this short and sweet So, basicallyThis was absurdly absurd But you know what

    4. Mo says:
      The Windy City isn t quite ready for Phoebe Somerville the outrageous, curvaceous New York knockout who has just inherited the Chicago Stars football team And Phoebe is definitely not ready for the Stars head coach, former gridiron legend Dan Calebow, a sexist jock taskmaster with a one track mind Calebow is everything Phoebe abhors And the sexy new boss is everything Dan despises a meddling bimbo who doesn t know a pigskin from a pitcher s mound.Dan is alpha, opinionated, chauvanistic, thick sk [...]

    5. Amy (Foxy) says:
      4.5 NOW stars You re my only failure My only failure, Phoebe.Perfect book for getting in the spirit of the upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII 2 2 2014.Phoebe is a sexy underestimated daughter of a football owner Chicago Stars When her father sudden dies she inherits his team Unfortunately, her father s gift wasn t given out of kindness Her father had always seen her as a failure and this opportunity to run the team was a test She must win the championship or she will lose any inheritance.Dan is the cock [...]

    6. ♥Sharon♥ says:
      I don t care that this book was first published 20 years ago Actually I think that is why I thought it was FANFREAKINGTASTIC Seriously, ladies you will absolutely love Dan Calebow I sure did.I hope to get back to do a complete review because this book deserves one RL is just a bit hectic at the moment This one is going on my favorites shelf and I will recommend it to everyone too It was sexy, sweet and funny And Pooh.

    7. Lady Heather says:
      WOW What an amazing read, and although I don t often read sports romance books especially footballhey I m Canadian if anything, I d read a romance with hockeyEh LOL this was really good This happeneda lotwhile reading this storyI really, really, really liked Dan I loved his complexity, strength, loyalty, gentleness, and his own desire for a HEA.He is not what I m used to in a hero , but he was written beautifully He just seemed SO real, with many layers.I was wonderful to read how frustrated, an [...]

    8. Karen says:
      5 STARS image error What can I say Another 5 star book Most definitely I m starting to think Susan Elizabeth Phillips cannot write a bad book either that or she has most definitely found the key to my heart These books exemplify the delicate balance of intense emotion, witty dialogue and comic relief I have nothing but high praise and giddy admiration for this author and her fabulous books image error Phoebe Sommerville was a thirty three year old outrageous Manhattan socialite, who was the noto [...]

    9. valee says:
      I just have no words to describe how much I loved this book It was amazing Maybe I was just in the right mood for this kind of read or maybe it really is a terrific read I just know that apart from LK s Travises series, I had never, ever enjoyed a contemporary romance as much as I did this one and the Travises And yes, it was that good for me Well maybe not that good, lol, but definitely the closest I will ever find.I loved Phoebe She was an amazing heroine Everything about her was so appealing [...]

    10. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell says:
      Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestPhoebe Summerville is like a cross between Elle Woods and Peg Bundy she s rich, she s tacky, everyone writes her off as a dumb bimbo However, she s quite a bit clever and complicated than anyone gives her credit for, including her father, who disliked her so much that he decided to screw with her from beyond the grave instead of being disinherited as per his original plan, he s giving her his football team, the Chicago Stars, for a year If the team loses the [...]

    11. Nana says:
      Como no darle 5 estrellas a este libro Sencillamente ENAMORADA es lo que te deja este libro, que manera tiene SEP de escribir y crear historias, sobre todo en crear esos personajes masculinos inolvidables Me encanta SEP sin duda es una de mis escritoras favoritas porque no me canso de leerla y siempre me sorprende Dan Dan Creo que ser dif cil olvidarte Definitivamente es de esos libros que valen la pena releerlos y nunca nunca te cansar as Que joya A por m s de ti SEP Gracias gracias por esta de [...]

    12. Jane Stewart says:
      It was so fun to be in this book.I ve read the paperback three times and recently listened to the audiobook I laughed a lot the first time I read it I didn t laugh as much in subsequent reads because I knew what to expect, but I still loved it.Phoebe s mother died early and her father didn t love her He kept her away in boarding schools and camps She was raped, but her father didn t believe her She creates a false front, looking and acting like a Marilyn Monroe Mae West blond bombshell bimbo She [...]

    13. Snow says:
      Absolutely fantastic read In fact, i might say, the best I ve read this year and the book was first published almost over 20 years ago facepalm so, in my eyes, the words it s never too late and never say never have a whole meaning considering the genre.This book can t be presented through out the re telling of the storyline, cause that would be impossible to do without spilling it all and spoiling it, I m gonna stick to the old folks saying less is But to appease my own soul cause of the need t [...]

    14. Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog) says:
      I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my friends Karen, Mo and Sharon for clogging my feed with updates of binge reading books by Susan Elizabeth Phillips Because of them I just may have found a new favorite author I definitely discovered a delightful sports romance to add to my favorites bookshelf.It Had to Be You is old school romance at its finest and I m not talking about the fact that it was written over 20 years ago In fact, if it weren t for some dated references cassette tapes, VCR, a Walkma [...]

    15. Pepa says:
      3.5Mentir a si dijera que no me ha gustado, pero no ser un libro que releer Tiene toques que no me gustan, quiz s con un toque machista Nada exagerado, pero ese rol hombre macho mujer diva madre me ha fastidiado un pel n.M s que todo por el motivo que l cambia de opini n que no voy a desvelar Muy entretenido, no s si seguir con la serie, por ahora no me ha entusiasmado lo suficiente, la verdad.Y, nada negativo puedo decir, bien escrito, con buen ritmo y engancha, interesante el mundo del futbol [...]

    16. Karla says:
      4 Stars What started out as a book I thought I wasn t going to be too fond of, turned into a story I loved I read this entire series out of order I started with Nobody s Baby But Mine, which was good, then Dream a Little Dream, which was excellent and my favorite in the series Then it was on to Heaven, Texas, very good and funny, and now back to book one So unlike me to do this, but hey, what can I say Anyhoo, in those books you always hear about Phoebe and Dan Calebow, the owners of the Stars, [...]

    17. Ronyell says:
      To be honest, I have always been a huge fan of historical romance since it takes me to a time that is so completely different from the current times However, after reading this little gem of a romance novel, I started to gain interest in the world of contemporary romance It Had To Be You was the first romance novel I have read from author Susan Elizabeth Phillips and after I had read this book, I am definitely looking forward to reading of her wonderful books It Had To Be You is full of hot, si [...]

    18. Nani says:
      Necesito tranquilizar a mis hormonas para poder hacer lo m s parecido a una rese a con sentido Lo malo, ahora voy a coger el libro de Bobby Te amo Dan , quieres ser mi quaterback personal O lo que quieras hacer de mi, sobre mi, encima de mi, a mi lado No soy una mujer con perjuicios Pufff mejor paro y ya pondr algo m s comedido o no retorita23 04 2017Habiendo tranquilizado mis hormonas, disfrutando mientras tanto con otra amena lectura Bobby Tom , creo que ya soy capaz de escribir algo con senti [...]

    19. Yolanda says:
      RetoRita5estrellas5estrellas5estrellas5estrellasQu voy a decir yo de este libro Yo, que soy una reketefan de la SEPpues digo que, para mi, este libro es y siempre ser una aut ntica DELICIA, una pieza clave del ingenio de la SEP Para mi es maravilloso Phoebe Somerville, la t pica rubia explosiva, la ves y la juzgas a primera vistaBarbie explosiva que se come a los hombres con patatas Nada es lo que parece y, por cosas de la vida, se encuentra frente a una situaci n inesperada y que no quer a Vemo [...]

    20. mich says:
      I disgraced MYSELF Unless my memory s faulty, you were the one who got evicted I got ejected, not evicted That was a football game, not a damn landlords convention Haha I LOVE football, but I rarely read books about it for some reason And it s a weird thing to bother me, but I really don t like it when there s fake team names Chicago Stars Ugh, so fake It puts me in the mindset of, Ugh, this makes everything feel so fake I dunno I m weird.Anyway, this book and I had a very rocky start I didn t l [...]

    21. Mon says:
      He disfrutado un mont n leyendola, al principio me cost cogerle el ritmo, ese mundo de testosterona y tan rudo del futbol americano no encaja conmigo pero al final tiene su que, supongo que hay esta la magia de esta escritora, de un mundo que me hace MEH conseguir que me enganche y sufrir con ese final de partido de infarto.La pareja protagonista tiene mucha qu mica, Phoebe es mi personaje preferido de los dos, aunque al principio esa imagen fr vola, de rubia tonta y devora hombre no me gusto, d [...]

    22. Mo says:
      This was a re re re re read LOL I must read it nearly every fecking year I LOVE IT I love Dan I love Phoebe I LOVE SEP Thought I was updating on the kindle version but I seem to have been updating on the paperback one Sorry about that There will be two ratings on here then Both 5 stars and I am sure the next time I read it, it will still be FIVE stars.

    23. Ingela says:
      Written April 17, 20144 1 2 Stars Jeez, Ms Phillips has the talent to write wonderful charming romances.After reading two amazing books by Susan Elizabeth Phillips was it time for the third It Had to Be You recommended by my friend and fellow citizen Susanne 5 stars The very best book by this author, according to her It Had to Be You is a 20 years old romance from 1994 Already with ratings from than 27.800 readers on is this SEP s most popular book here Further reviews and ratings, feels almost [...]

    24. KatieV says:
      I enjoyed it Perhaps so since I ve been experiencing a dry spell of DNFs lately This book is contemporary ish It was published in 94 and definitely shows its age I tend to enjoy the older books, but understand some want nothing to do with anything written last century If you re one of those readers who is iffy about older romances, this probably isn t the book for you Also there could potentially be triggers for sex abuse victims.The beginning was odd I can see any reader being turned off by th [...]

    25. Alejandra says:
      3 relectura.Absolutamente genial Es otro de esos escasos libros a los que le dar a 10, 20, 30 estrellas Tiene de todo, es perfecto.Me encantan Dan y Phoebe

    26. Susanne says:
      It was brilliant I m speechless and will not even try to write a review It was terrible, and definitely not a feel good cookie but so great I cried and I laughed and the ending was so sweet, so right This book was not what I expected but so much better My heart broke for Phoebe in the beginning of the book and to follow her growth and healing process was amazing It was so believable, so touching Updated 14 4 13It was just as great the second time around Even though I remembered almost everything [...]

    27. PaigeBookdragon says:
      I think the best reason why this book is awesome is that, other than the usual SEP factor, this book gives a giant fuck you to the dumb blonde mentality I hate that phrase and I hate it when people uses that to their books but SEP created a character who is blonde, who is smart and who is kind.

    28. Eastofoz says:
      I can t say I really liked this book because it s too chick litty for me and I really dislike chick lit so maybe for the chick lit reader this is a good book I didn t like the the hero or the heroine The hero said too many mean and downright cruel things to the heroine that I don t think could be taken back let alone forgiven He also flew off the handle like some psycho for no reason The heroine had too many issues and her whole switch in persona at the end was just too unbelievable There is way [...]

    29. Floripiquita says:
      1a lectura en 2016 Me encantan los libros de rom ntica donde el humor est presente y Susan Elizabeth Phillips es una aut ntica maestra Los protagonistas de este libro son geniales por separado pero juntos Wow Voy por el s ptimo libro de la serie Chicago Stars y Dan sigue siendo mi favorito Muy recomendable.Relectura gracias al RetoRita Me reafirmo en lo dicho, me encanta este libro, pues trata temas muy profundos de una forma muy amena y sin perder el sentido del humor Phoebe es una protagonista [...]

    30. Jasmin says:
      Isn t it nice when a book you read could not just make you laugh at some lines, but can make you smile almost all throughout the book exemption are the pages where either or both major protagonists are in distress of course and just as you are about to close it But then, it just hits you that it s over and then you re wistfully happy It Had To Be You just has to be that book Phoebe Somerville, blonde hottie, has just inherited a football team And she doesn t even know the its in football It soun [...]

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