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Lucinda, Darkly

Lucinda Darkly For centuries Lucinda has endured her agonizing reality As daughter of the High Lord of Hell she rules over nothing retrieving the occasional wayward demon and feeding off of the savage Monre of who

  • Title: Lucinda, Darkly
  • Author: Sunny
  • ISBN: 9780425214640
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • For centuries, Lucinda has endured her agonizing reality As daughter of the High Lord of Hell,she rules over nothing, retrieving the occasional wayward demon and feeding off of the savage Monre of whom she was a member before she died Then she encounters the Monre warrior Stefan, who offers himself to her She is moved beyond measure by her desire for him and soon findsFor centuries, Lucinda has endured her agonizing reality As daughter of the High Lord of Hell,she rules over nothing, retrieving the occasional wayward demon and feeding off of the savage Monre of whom she was a member before she died Then she encounters the Monre warrior Stefan, who offers himself to her She is moved beyond measure by her desire for him and soon finds herself drawn back into the heady eroticism of the Monre There, she must carve out a home between the jealousy of the dead and the violence of the living, if she is to keep her newfound love and life

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    Lucinda, Darkly

    About Author

    1. Sunny says:
      A family practice physician and Vassar graduate, Sunny was finally pushed into picking up her pen by the success of the rest of her family Much to her amazement, she found that, by golly, she actually could write a book, and that it was much fun than being a doctor.As an author, Sunny has been featured on Geraldo at Large and CNBC, and has won many awards including the prestigious PRISM Award When she is not busy reading and writing, Sunny is editing her husband s books, literary novelist Da Chen, and being a happy stage mom for her young actor son.

    Comment 861 on “Lucinda, Darkly

    1. Jane Stewart says:
      Waste of time Don t read it.I very much enjoyed this author s book Mona Lisa Awakening, so I tried this book It was a let down CAUTION SPOILERS A former Monere Queen died and has been living as a demon for hundreds of years All of a sudden she falls in love with Stefan, a Monere rogue They had one short interaction and fall in love She had never fallen for anyone for hundreds of years There was no logic for it to happen now Shortly after that, she forms bonds with two others, Nico and Talon Agai [...]

    2. Anita says:
      This is a spin off series from the Mona Lisa series by the same author It makes a lot sense if you consider it book 4 of the Mona Lisa series I like it the emotional bonds between the princess and her men are interesting and compelling in the same way the Anita Blake series is Ludina is the Princess of Hell, and her job is apprehending rogue demons and returning them to hell She s been demon dead a vampire for over 600 years, a former monere queen who was so powerful, she was reincarnated as a [...]

    3. Jessica Davis says:
      So I was a jr i High School and in charge of picking out books for my library Now I was told to use a site where they told the ratings of the books based off other readers finding All fine and dandy right So I came across this book in the teen section and was told it was about demons Seemed like one kick ass book so I ordered it Skip ahead 2 weeks and while at the local library I picked it up to just another harmless book that seemed cool and I couldn t wait for Got it.o it to school and started [...]

    4. Nonny says:
      This book was disappointing Sunny s world is derivative to begin with, reading like cross over fanfiction between Laurell K Hamilton s Merry Gentry and Anne Bishop s Black Jewels, with some original concepts and quasi original characters The Mona Lisa books were at least an entertaining read, if I didn t think too much about the ethical quandry behind lifting so much of other authors work which she all but admits to in one of her acknowledgments this one, frankly, bored me I couldn t care about [...]

    5. Felicia says:
      I m not a fan of Laurel Hamilton s Merry Gentry series, but if you are, this is for you Blood Naughty stuff doesn t do much for me, and I m not crazy about men just falling over a lady for no reason If you like Anne Rice and Laurel Hamilton, this is well enough written and and interesting enough world Just a bit dark for my tastes I heard the earlier books are much better, this is a spin off of sorts I may go back and try the first one later, but after a long wait.

    6. Jennifer Y says:
      like to refer to Sunny s writing as Laurell K Hamilton Lite You know with an actual plot and with a side of smut that factors into the plot As opposed to a book full of just orgies coughs Anita.If you enjoyed Sunny s Mon re, Children of the Moon Series aka Mona Lisa Series , you will enjoy Lucinda, Darkly It follows in much the same style as the Mona Lisa series and in the same world For those of you that has read the Mona Lisa books you ve meet Halcyon, Lucinda s demon brother Yummy BTW The sto [...]

    7. R.G. says:
      This is in the same world as the Monere, and the reason I linked the first 2 books because you need to read them before this, and book 3 talks about Lucinda, and so you might want to know about Lucinda before then While the Monere is paranormal, this really feels fantasy We get to see much of Hell, and learn about other realms, and creatures, and even the wars that have been fought down there Lucinda is interesting, and complicated, and dealing with her own issues and insecurities, and now sh [...]

    8. Amanda says:
      I decided to read this book because a friend of mine recomended it to me I also decided to read this book because it was about demons and other mythical creatures, I like reading fantasy books One thing I like about this book was how detailed the history of the characters were, I also liked how the writer made Lucinda the main character seem very human even though she was a demon Some thing I did not like was how the bond that Niko, Lucinda and Talon was not broken If I can change something I wo [...]

    9. Bitten_by_Books says:
      Lucinda is the daughter of the High Lord of Hell and rules over a small territory She is also somewhat of a bounty hunter of wayward demons Lucinda has spent literally centuries alone and is getting bored with her existence, and has even convinced herself that she likes it that way on some levels That is, until she runs into an outcast Mon re warrior or twoFor the entire review please go to the Best Paranormal Review site on the web, Bitten By Books for the review of Lucinda, Darkly in it s enti [...]

    10. Jen says:
      Liked it It is pretty much a cross between Merry gentry and black jewel s series, but I liked it than the laurell k hamilton but less than the Anne Bishop books Still good to get out dust off and read again now and then as I m waiting off something new to come along Is the author ever going to write some been over 18 months.the things you find when you are reorganising downsizing the book shelves now that you have a kindle

    11. Erica says:
      This book moved along quite quickly, which is the only reason I kept reading it It wasn t the worst book ever, but it was very anticlimactic Sure, things happened, but the book didn t bring me to care about the story I think the story could have been good, done differently As it was, I just could not connect or get interested.

    12. N.L. Riviezzo says:
      This book left me torn Part of me really enjoyed it and the other part left me wondering why I was reading it In the end, I did like the twist on demons, vampires and the like so I will probably continue with the series.

    13. Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort says:
      Oncve again Suuny dows a great job I loved everything about this book

    14. Amelia says:
      I ve never read Sunny s other series, I m assuming I was supposed to The history of all the mythical supernatural creatures was lightly touched on, making me think that it was covered in depth in the other series Though, I still liked it Enough information was given so that I wasn t confused, but I would have liked .I liked Lucinda up until she slept with Nico the physical coupling It wasn t the fact that they had sex even though she could have just fooled around with him to accomplish what she [...]

    15. Jess says:
      For the most part I enjoyed this book, I thought the story was interesting, and I liked that the book was short Sometimes I think authors feel the need to write over a certain amount of pages, and the story is dragged out I liked the fact that this said what it needed to say and seemed to pay no attention to word count I also just wanted to mention that it does end on a cliffhanger Not mid scene like some other authors cough, moning, cough but the story remains unfinished with the promise that i [...]

    16. Thenia says:
      I read this thinking it would fill in blanks in the other series set in this world, Mon re Children of the Moon, but it doesn t This is purely Lucinda s story.Lucinda is weary and detached at the beginning of the story and finds it very hard to believe that she s found someone she feels a connection with, let alone multiple someones As the story progresses, though, her entourage is formed and despite her efforts to push them away, stay with her through some pretty hard times She comes pretty clo [...]

    17. Akaria Gale says:
      A huge honking pile of meh Lucinda kinda bored me With Mona Lisa the heroine became such an over the top Mary Sue it was fun to go along for the ride Lucinda, the demon princess was a rounded out character but she didn t really move me in any way Stefan is supposed to be her great love but much of the book is spent on the other rogue Monere Nico and the Flouradeur Talon I kept wanting the story to go back to him and Lucinda but it went everywhere but Characters kept telling me Lucinda and Stefa [...]

    18. Luu says:
      Todav a estoy desconcertada con la historia Lucinda no me cayo ni mal ni bien, es tolerable aunque tambi n muy terca y mandona, esperando que hagan lo que ella dice Me sorprendi cuando estuvo con Stefan, pero todav a m s cuando aparecieron Nico y Garra, y al final Roric y Hari Y al final un dato que no hab a calculado todas las reinas tienen un harem O sea, que este va de harem nada m s que el principal es Stefan pobre, la re quiere y sale poquito, Nico sale mucho m s En cuanto a la trama, es un [...]

    19. Ashley says:
      Ugh Now I understand why I found this at a thrift storeI felt as if I had come into the story midway Understandable now that I know this to be a spin off There was no plot, no sense of anything actually happening and what did happen made no sense The writing was that of fragments, incomplete thoughts and ramblings, nothing of value revealed.And all that bonding Jeez And the creepy two way with the little guy watching Why was Stefan even in this book Could his story not be saved for a later insta [...]

    20. Brandy *Ahviel* says:
      I am not sure what to say about this book I liked it, but that was not the issue that I had I guess my issue is the ending The ending was a matter of fact Yes I know there is another book that comes out in Oct However Most of Sunny s books at the end let you know where the next is going This I felt stuck.At the beginning we are introduced to Lucinda and Stefan who is guarding a mix blood Lucinda feels something for the first time in years as dones Stefan They build a relationship upon those feel [...]

    21. Michelle says:
      Well, I like Lucinda I also like Lucinda with Stephan s influence I love Stephan period I think his character rocks There is something so binding like receiving love for no other reason than to love, not because they think you are raw clay to be shaped and molded into what they want you to be I am so happy that she found out who her real father is, I think it has plagued her for a long time, shaping who she portrayed herself to be And what a hateful mother to be so hateful to a child to hurt the [...]

    22. Cindi says:
      I don t believe Sunny wrote this book I ve read every Monier book and short story she s written and none of them were like this one, none were this bad I mean, there was no tale here Based on her previous world building, I expected emotions, conflict, action, interesting characters I expected a story Even her word choices did not sound like Sunny wrote them I believe that she must have been so very behind on her deadline that she asked Laurell K Hamilton to quickly write most of it up for he [...]

    23. Nicole Bunge says:
      I haven t read any of the Mona Lisa books didn t know they existed till I picked this up but the good news is you don t need to I ve found a lot of secondary spin off series are flat, or confusing, if you chance upon them without committing to read the others.But it s a nice psuedo vampire world A lot like Anne Bishop s Black Jewels books that world where darkness isn t evil, and a matriarchal society rules a world of magic Borders on erotica at times, but the story is strong and kept me readin [...]

    24. Dhfan4life says:
      In my opinion this spin off tale from the Monere children of the moon series is a really good one This story follows the tale of the high prince of hell s sister, Lucinda She was first introduced in the short story Mona Lisa But in her own book she really carries her own story off very well even though it is mightily similar to that of Mona Lisa in the beginning But by the end of the story she both surprises, endears, and makes the reader care for her and her men much than you d originally expe [...]

    25. Marissa says:
      I love Sunny She has built such a great parallel world for us with her Mona Lisa series I was genuine y intrigued by Lucinda and to find out she had her own spin off series, made my day While Sunny s character set ups are pretty similar lots of kidnapping, multiples and women who don t believe they deserve a better lot in life she also throws in a heck of a lot of WTF plot twists so predictability is never a concern I will admit to getting a teensy bit weary of Mona Lisa s storyline not nearly e [...]

    26. Kristi says:
      I have to admit I genuinely like Lucinda, who does her best to lead a life she considers fair and honorable, despite her position as a demon dead princess of hell If you haven t read the earlier Mona books, don t worry I haven t either and this book stands alone from those stories There are some references to the previous books but nothing that you feel you have to have read to understand what is at the heart of this story An enjoyable fast read with a little erotica sprinkled in Definitely in t [...]

    27. I ♥ Bookie Nookie ( says:
      Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie Reviews___________________________________________________If you like this type of book, you might enjoy one of these groups Check us out Menage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group

    28. Susan says:
      First of all, not as good as the Mona Lisa books, which had a little depth and intrigue to the plot I love the Mon re world, so this was a nice spin off to the books Sunny took an interesting approach in her storytelling, each chapter was written in the narrative of a different character This approach didn t break the flow of the story and there weren t any confusion in who was narrating I think it helped add to the character build A very entertaining read, if you like to read dark erotic fanta [...]

    29. Tansy Foor says:
      When I first started reading this book, I was skeptical it was going to be good, but I kept with it Man, was I happy I kept with it I was surprised at how erotic the book was and right off the bat I might add However, the story picked up and I became hooked on it It pained me to put the book down when I had to This is a fantastic book with a very interesting story development and characters as well Definite recommend I can t wait to pick up the sequel.

    30. Kimberly says:
      This is actually a 3.5 almost a 4 for me This fun and fast paced urban fantasy contains strong characterization that make the Monere universe seem genuine and real Although this is a stand alone thriller, reading the previous Mona Lisa series 4 books will make it easier to undersatnd Sunny s complex realm.I especially love the way she has tied in the Mona Lisa series, but has given this book it s own creatures and characters making this book it s own story.

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